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  • Scanning with xBrowse

    Select desired destination directory.

  • Scanning with xBrowse

    Enter a file name. Done.

  • Scanning without xBrowse

    Scan document.

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    Return to your workstation.

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    Look for the scanned document.

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    Rename the file.

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    Move the file to the destination directory.



Scan faster to the X-power.

With xBrowse, you can scan documents on Xerox systems quick as a flash. That's because after you scan your document, you can immediately store it directly in the correct folder on the desired network drive. Simply select the destination directory and enter the desired file name on the keyboard of your Xerox system's screen.
Two steps – and you're done! Make scanning easier than ever. Install the xBrowse app on your Xerox-system.

  • Features xBrowse
    Source: paper feed or lay-on
    Colour: colour, black and white
    Resolution: 200x200 dpi, 300x300 dpi
    OCR to the extent supported by the device
    File format: PDF, TIFF (single page, multipage)
    Template type: text, photo, text/photo
    Image compression: low, medium, high
    Printed pages: one-sided, two-sided
    Number of copies
    Page format: A3, A4
    Colour: colour, black and white
    Sorting: sorted, unsorted
    File Systems:
    Local Drives
    SMB shares
    No authentication required
    xBrowse internal user database
    Local Windows host
    Domain authentification with Kerberos
    User synchronisation
    Support of user home directories
    Base path
    Alphanumerical filter
    Automatic file naming
  • supported XEROX-systems
    • WorkCentre 5222
    • WorkCentre 5225
    • WorkCentre 5225A
    • WorkCentre 5230
    • WorkCentre 5230A
    • WorkCentre 5330
    • WorkCentre 5335
    • WorkCentre 5632
    • WorkCentre 5638
    • WorkCentre 5645
    • WorkCentre 5655
    • WorkCentre 5665
    • WorkCentre 5675
    • WorkCentre 5687
    • WorkCentre 5735
    • WorkCentre 5740
    • WorkCentre 5745
    • WorkCentre 5755
    • WorkCentre 5765
    • WorkCentre 5775
    • WorkCentre 5790

    • WorkCentre 6400
    • WorkCentre 7120
    • WorkCentre 7125
    • WorkCentre 7135
    • WorkCentre 7232
    • WorkCentre 7242
    • WorkCentre 7328
    • WorkCentre 7335
    • WorkCentre 7345
    • WorkCentre 7346
    • WorkCentre 7425
    • WorkCentre 7428
    • WorkCentre 7435
    • WorkCentre 7525
    • WorkCentre 7530
    • WorkCentre 7535
    • WorkCentre 7545
    • WorkCentre 7556
    • WorkCentre 7655
    • WorkCentre 7665
    • WorkCentre 7675
    • WorkCentre 7755
    • WorkCentre 7765
    • WorkCentre 7775
    • WorkCentre 7830
    • WorkCentre 7835
    • WorkCentre 7845
    • WorkCentre 7855
    • ColorQube 8900
    • ColorQube 9201
    • ColorQube 9202
    • ColorQube 9203
    • ColorQube 9301
    • ColorQube 9302
    • ColorQube 9303

    • Color 550
    • Color 560
  • supported operating systems

    Client operating systems (32/64-bit)

    Windows XP | 7

    Server operating systems (32/64-bit)
    Windows Server 2003 SP1 | 2003 R2 | 2008 | 2008 R2

    Devices are not supported when combined with:
    Accounting solutions (such as Xerox Secure Access Unified ID System, Equitrac, SafeQ, etc.)
    An external RIP (Fiery, etc.)
    Finisher functionality is not supported (Office, Professional Finisher, etc.)

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Helmut Krüger
XAP Manager, Xerox Germany

xBrowse and Xerox make a strong team for our clients.
Success Story

...the Miele kitchen studio was so impressed by the product that in a 3-hour sales cycle we managed to sell one Xerox WorkCenter 7242 plus xBrowse and several color printers...
Opel Aktiv Plus
Success Story

Now we don't need to enter individual user profiles in the WorkCentre, saving even more time. At first buying xBrowse didn’t sound like a decisive sales arguement, but now the program represents genuine added value for users and IT officers.
Success Story

...xBrowse allows you to scan in comfort with just a few clicks. The scans are sent to our Novaline electronic filing program and archived electronically. This combination means we have paperless filing, saving us space as well as time spent searching.
Thomas Waser

xBrowse is virtually self-explanatory.
Markus Nargorsen
Sales Manager, Faktor X, Berlin

... xBrowse practically sells itself, with no need for detailed explanations.
Lutz Roßberg
CEO, Xerox Rossberg, Treves

Thanks to xBrowse clients are buying their
MFPs directly by phone.
Uwe Wessel
CEO, WWL Hanover

… once clients have seen xBrowse,
they immediately want it.
Astrid Pahnke
Sales and distribution, SI DigiPower, Hanover

xBrowse increases our sales opportunities and helps us stand out from our competitors.
It's a win-win situation for sellers and clients and also improves our capacity for future business.
Thalia Buch & Medien GmbH
Success Story

xBrowse saves us valuable working hours, scanning is 60% faster. Company employees can now find their documents in seconds without having to manage scan profiles.
Benjamin Jansen
Solution Specialist, Team Jansen

Everyone is excited about xBrowse: administrators like the centralised user management, users like the way you can scan direct to folders and assign names directly on the MFP, the management like the efficient processes.
Juan Navarro-Kirner
Sales and distribution specialist, Munich

Scanning directly to folders on the MFP, that is what excites our clients every time about xBrowse.


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